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  • We’re all nurses, all the time, at Skintight Aesthetics, providing personalized & professional skin and body healthcare.

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    Personalized Care

    All of us are unique in our skin's response to the natural aging process. We believe in developing a unique treatment plan for each patient. Our goal is to allow the skin to rejuvenate through easy, low-trauma techniques.  


    Innovative Techniques

    Good news! Visible aging of the skin and body CAN be reversed with combination of RF and laser, injectable products, and collagen-stimulating techniques. We use the latest knowledge in skin therapies and top-of-the-line products and machines.

    Health Professionals

    We believe nurses do it better! Our degrees in nursing emphasize listening, teaching and healthcare that fits into your goals. And we all maintain full laser certification for your safety.

  • Our techniques...

    PDO Threads - new!

    Absorbable sutures that tighten, lift and smooth!

    These versatile injectable threads can be placed nearly anywhere on the body under the skin. They are ideal for stimulating collagen and fibrin while gradually dissolving. Effects last up to 2 years. Very little downtime! See www.novathreads.com for B & A photos.

    Injectables & fillers: how to prevent and treat lines

    Botox, Xeomin, Volbella& Voluma, Juvederm, & Sculptra are all highly effective methods to treat wrinkles and surface issues of the face, neck and other body areas. As advanced injectors, we believe in the "less is more" theory of injection techniques in order to maintain a natural appearance. No "mask face" here!


    fat reduction by injection

    Small resistant fat areas can be dissolved! Our PCDC prescription injection solution is safe, easy, and fat is gone permanently! Consultation required.

    Lasers for big results

    ALMA RF, Nd YAG & CO2 Pixel

    V-Shape: This uses radio frequency waves to heat the deeper skin layers to a level which will trigger collagen growth, as well as Volume reduction by breaking the fat cells through heat. It can also be done after tummy tucks or liposuction to smooth out the body surface. RF does not require anesthetics, has no downtime, and takes 20 minute per session. Add the resurfacing option for “microneedling on steroids”!

    Clearlift: this Nd YAG laser accomplishes skin tightening, acne & pigment treatments and diminishes brown age spots without pain or downtime!

    CO2 Pixel Femilift: this laser does deep ablative resurfacing and correction of changes to feminine health such as dryness and stress incontinence. The Femilift tightens inside as well. ;)

    Microneedling, Dermaplaning and Acne Care

    Derm nurses do it all!

    We offer several minimally invasive techniques which stimulate skin cell turnover, clears follicles and brings better blood flow to the surface, giving one a clearer complexion.

    Facial Treatments to erase, nourish and prevent wrinkles

    Peels, creams & masques : we carry Obagi & Skinceuticals products!

    We use only medical grade dermatologic products in order to help you with your skin care. Scientifically designed skin products all help to remove skin surface irregularities and even out skin tones. Tretinoin and hydroquinone are rejuvenating for nearly every face.

    Supplements & Prescriptives


    We also can advise on supplements your body needs to keep looking its best. Weight reduction assistance, MIC/B12 injections, hormone therapy, and "emergency" skin care are part of what nurses Anna and Martha can offer. As a nurse practitioner, Martha can discuss your hormonal and chemical imbalances and can advise treatment to keep your skin (the body's largest organ!) in its top form. We carry SeroVital HGH, an oral form of Human Growth Hormone amino acids, which speeds muscle formation, recovery, aids in weight loss and energy.

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    Obagi Clear
    Obagi Clear
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    Latisse 30
    Latisse 30
    Eyelash and brow darkening & thickening product - 30 day supply box
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    SeroVital HGH
    SeroVital HGH
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    Who we are...Our medical aesthetics company was founded on the fact

    that visible aging of the skin and body can be reversed or delayed throughout the natural aging process.

    For each individual man or woman, there are ways to improve what our life's experiences and changes have done to our skin and bodies.

    We consider ourselves nurses first - your health and safety are paramount!

    Anna Brennan, BSN, RN, LSO
    Nursing Director,Owner